Center for Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health (hereafter ESH) was transformed from Occupational Safety Section, Office of General Affairs into a first division on Feb 1st 2011, in charge of Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety Section (EPS). ESH is a school administrative support division, providing Q&A services especially for laboratory safety and environmental protection so as to give a safe working environment for all school staff and students.

EPS services under the supervision of ESH are as follows:

  1. Environmental policy and environmental education
  2. Fire safety and fire/disaster protection planning and management
  3. Campus lab and practice factory emergency management
  4. Environmental protection management (air pollution, water pollution, lab waste, toxic chemicals, and noise control)
  5. Lab safety and health education
  6. Power management
  7. Drinking water machine inspection
  8. Radiation protection and control


Important Events
3rd Place of “Active Participation in Environment Protection,” College & University Group, 2008 Double Certifications of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, June, 2008 Excellence Award in Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health Review, 2009 Future Planning

  1. Promote energy saving and emission reduction
  2. Establish lab safety and health management system
  3. Manage lab waste
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