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 Organization and Function

The campus environment should be based on the educational system, policies and educational philosophies, center on the learning needs of teachers and students, focus on teachers’ teaching effectiveness, provide the best management and service as the premise, and cooperate with the natural and human environment to create an attractive learning space.

The mission of our university’s environmental safety and health policy is to create a healthy campus that meets ecology, safety, comfort, and health indicators by committing to professionalism, caring, knowledge, educational philosophy, and a core value of “human health,” with fully complies with environmental safety and health laws and related regulations, along with ongoing reviews and improvements to strengthen awareness and education among staff and students in environment protection, health, and safety measures.

The Center for Environmental Protection and Safety and Health provides a wide range of services to the university community to protect our members and the campus environment from harm and the Deans of General Affairs is concurrently the Director of the Center. There is also an environment security Division with 5 members, including a team leader.

This administrative team must devise creative methods and actions to effectively address the Center’s problems and ensure its compliance with laws, regulations, and university policies. This is a challenging task, and in addition to the members of the environmental security group, we have six committees to assist the Environmental Safety Center in facilitating its business. Organizational framework is shown in the figure.                                                

                                   Organizational Framework


The main tasks of the Center are listed as follows:

  1. Management of chemicals and pharmaceuticals for teaching uses
  2. Laboratory safety and health management
  3. Management of all drinking fountains on campus
  4. Environmental safety-related affairs for the entire campus
  5. Management of wastewater treatment plant
  6. Management of all refuse and waste materials on campus
  7. Health checkups and related administration for all personnel entering and exiting laboratories on campus
  8. Management of organic waste composting plant

In addition, it provides planning services for environment-related issues.

  Vision and Goals

The mission of the Environmental Safety and Health Center of our university is to implement the national laws and regulations and establish a sound campus environmental protection and safety management. Therefore, we investigate the current situation and needs of campus environmental health and safety in relation to various units of the University and develop a future management plan. According to the relevant policies, the overall objectives of environmental protection and occupational health and safety protection are as follows:

  1. Environmental protection
  • Consistent application and continuous improvement of the environmental management system, in accordance with legal regulations and the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard;
  • Reducing the degradation of the natural environment (air, land and water courses) by determining all aspects of the environment and protection priorities and providing conditions for sustainable use of work space;
  • Promote energy saving and carbon emission reduction, and enhance energy effective application mechanisms ;
  • Undertaking concrete preventive protection measures, with the establishment of a control system for all significant forms of pollution;
  • Raising and strengthening the environmental awareness of employees, education and information on environmental issues and involvement in decision-making regarding environmental protection measures.
  1. Occupational health and safety protection
  • Consistent application and continuous improvement of the management system for health and safety at work, in accordance with legal regulations and requirements of the ISO 45001 standard;
  • Raising and strengthening the awareness and responsibility of all employees for the care of health and safety at work, through regular training for the safe implementation of work activities and the application of relevant documents;
  • Taking specific preventive measures in order to reduce the level of all significant risks to health and safety at work. 
  1. Fire protection
  • Formulate an overall safety fire protection plan for the characteristics of the building, implement the fire prevention management task division drill, and respond to fire emergencies.
  • Implement the maintenance of fire safety equipment, fire prevention and evacuation facilities and the use management of energy equipment to ensure the safety of the public place.

We are committed to principles that involved all employees  and put effort together to achieve our goals. The process owners are instructed to, based on these general objectives, develop specific, measurable specific goals of environmental protection and health and safety at work for all significant aspects of the environment and health and safety hazards in processes within their competence.

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