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1.Chung Yuan Christian University’s contracted work environmental hazard notice危害因素告知書表

Please send the [Hazard Factor Notification Reply Form and Manufacturer’s Environmental Safety Commitment] (a total of 14 pages) to the manufacturer who wants to inquire in the purchase, and the manufacturer understands that the construction provided by the school may endanger the site investigation.



2. On-campus Health Counseling service by Occupation Medicine Specialist職業醫學科專科醫師到校進行健康諮詢服務



二、Service Time: July 4, 112

三、Service Location: Dickson Lee Hall 508 Office 508

四、Registration URL:

 A specialist in Occupational Medicine contracted by the University will be on campus to serve faculty and staff on JULY 4, 2023. The service includes occupational disease and general disease prevention, health consultation, physical and health checkup report analysis, inspection and evaluation of the safety of the working place and procedures, investigation of the relationship between health condition and work procedures, and other counseling service related to occupational medicine.

承辦人:環境保護暨安全衛生中心 王凌玲 分機 1916

Environmental Protection, Occupational Safety and Health Center

3.Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Ministry of Labor

Safety and health resume intelligent cloud

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